Loppiano Servizi

We bring the products and values of the Cittadella of Loppiano to the world

Loppiano Services is a company created to promote what is done in the Cittadella of Loppiano by its different components. Its purpose is to make known in Italy and into the world the handicraft products made in Loppiano; products made with due respect for the people and the environment that surrounds them.

Loppiano Services pursues its objectives by following the principles of the Economy of Communion, a project aimed at spreading a culture of giving, putting the person at the center of the economy, helping the neediest.



Loppiano Services is committed to promote the image of Loppiano products abroad in order to increase their sales.


Targeted customer research

The marketing strategy of Loppiano Services is aimed at seeking for customers who appreciate the values which are at the base of the experience of the community of Loppiano.


Implementation of Marketplaces

Loppiano Services commits itself to develop, produce and manage innovative marketplaces for the promotion and marketing of products and services provided within the cittadella of Loppiano.